Whimsy & Hushed Light

Whimsy & Hushed Light

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Whimsy & Hushed Light


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Stacey & Charles: {Whimsy & Hushed Light}

we had awoken predawn on this day [April Forth Two Thousand and Fifteen]
we crept along the countryside seeking a secluded spot to capture the light
the sun peaked up upon the horizon and brought with its hushed glow an undeniable magic

months had been spent apart while Charles had travelled
they were reunited
and the intense emotion made my job easy
 it seemed so perfect, that sometimes I stopped, just to watch them
it is my immense honour to have been a part of Stacey & Charles’s lives for one day
thank you



Photography by: Writing with Light Studio

Words by: Nourish Your Soul

Muses: Stacey & Charles