The universe was conspiring...

The universe was conspiring...

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The universe was conspiring...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


[Surely the universe was conspiring; for in the billions and trillions of moments happening for people just like us around the world, this one was ours.

It could not be of coincidence.  Yet the alternative was just as implausible.

You see over time, mountains had been formed.

Galaxies extinguished.

Trees, even forests, has grown and died; rotting until unseen into the earth’s floor.

Cities had risen and fallen.

And love had blossomed how many more times than my heart would beat in this lifetime, I did not know.

These thoughts burst into my mind.

And imagining every exquisite moment that it took for this moment of ours to be made.

Made me realise not only my impermanence, but my life. Alive. I was alive.]


Photography by: Writing with Light

Words by: Nourish Your Soul

Muses: Stacey & Charles