Heavy Earth

Heavy Earth

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Heavy Earth

Writing with Light Studio & Nourish your Soul

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It happens every now and then, when the flow becomes fast and relentless and shards of myself fall away. It's disorienting and everything is all at once yet nothing at all.

It's when you wake in the night fuelled by insomnia madness and reoccurring bouts of genius.

It seeps into the dusky morning, when the world alights and it's all magic and hush and crows are calling.

Rushing into the world I falter and clasp and grasp at the wisps and tails of it. And then it's gone. It has moved through me once more.

I bury my feet heavy into the earth and ground into myself, into the moment.

That unworldly place cannot be tamed or clung onto for long. I know this now. Yet I never cease yearning for its heightened senses and purging of new ideas. Into my mind. Onto this page.

It's the ebb and flow of my existence.

Photography by: Writing with Light Studio

Words by: Nourish Your Soul

Muses: Stacey & Charles